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      High honors for three Heartland students

      Kirksville High School Band members Ethan Murphy, tuba, Jon Self, trombone and Naseem Hamidi, flute were all accepted as members of the Missouri All State Honorable Mention Band. Naseem also received the honor of being named second alternate to the All State Band.

      One of the students said it took hard work and dedication to get to this point.

      "I myself practice three to four times a day for a couple of hours. I know Jon and Naseem was in here practicing a lot too. We had to go to districts and audition there get into the top band and then audition for all state," said Senior Band Member Ethan Murphy.

      The audition was originally scheduled for the first Saturday in December, however, due to weather issues in southern Missouri, the auditions were postponed until December 21. But wintry weather struck a second time, so all auditions were recorded and mailed to the Missouri Bandmasters Organization. The judges met over the holiday break and listened to all of these recordings and from this the All State Band and the All State Honorable Mention Band were chosen.

      The All State Band performs this Saturday at the Missouri Music Educators Conference.