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      High school landmark was in working order, until storms

      For Wednesdayâ??s Facebook Story of the Day, KTVOâ??s fans wanted to know why the clock on Ottumwa High School does not operate, and will it ever be repaired?

      The truth is, the clock was actually repaired a few months ago, and was functional until Saturdayâ??s storms.

      â??I think the clock over time has had issues running and most recently it was repaired a couple months ago and the work I have is that the storm we just experienced got it and it has not been working since. I think a fairly big expense (to repair the clock). Again, I canâ??t quote any numbers but with all the other priorities in the district that need to be dealt with, it's probably lower down on the list,â?? said Mark Hanson, Principal of Ottumwa High School.

      Hanson says that the school and district would like to see the clock in working order.

      â??We would obviously like to have our clock working and we will. I have talked to our maintenance chief, and he will be looking at it again to see what can be done. Because it is so high, it is susceptible to lightning anytime we get a bad storm. I know it is a little bit of a pain to keep that thing going,â?? said Hanson.