High winds damage trees after powerful storm

Throughout the Southern Heights subdivision you can see trees and branches tossed and scattered throughout the streets and yards.

The powerful system that was responsible for tornadic activity across the Central U.S. hit the Heartland hard with strong storms.

Sunday night, our weather team worked around the clock tracking the storm's path. Strong trees were no match for this storm's force. It tossed them leaving branches in Ken Hayes backyard.

"What's in my backyard are tree limbs, lots of tree limbs," said Hayes. "Luckily it didn't have any damage to the house."

The force of these storms knocked his cable line down in his backyard and Ken is not alone. We went out to survey some of the damage and all throughout the Southern Heights subdivision, near Grim Drive, you could see trees and branches tossed.

"I didn't hear anything in the middle of the night, I was sound asleep," said Hayes. "My wife Shirley woke me up in the middle of the night and said hey look out the window!"

That's when he spotted all the mess. He tells us he's lucky there was no one hurt or any damage to his home. A year ago, he had to get a new roof put on when another stormed swept through the area, that time leaving damage to the home.

"I'm gonna have somebody do it, I canâ??t do it myself," said Hayes.

Now Ken says he's just thinking how he will get this all cleaned up.