Higher horse powered boats revs up approval at LPRC meeting

Thousand Hills State Park

The city of Kirksvilleâ??s Lakes, Parks, and Recreation Committee held a meeting Tuesday to discuss projects and ordinance changes that would be moving forward for the spring and summer season. The Aquatic Center in Kirksville will be getting a new paint job on the pool floor and in a few other areas that need a touch ups. The baseball and softball fields at North Park were reported to be in good shape and are ready for the up and coming season which starts in the next few weeks. There is also a discussion to change an ordinance at Forest Lake which would allow touristsâ?? boats to have higher than 90 horse power engines out on the lake for a higher fee.

â??LPRC actually made a recommendation that will go to city council at their April 15th meeting that does affect Forest Lake and they have proposed to add a class to the daily passes out there and that would allow boats with horse power of 91 or more horse power on the lake for a daily fee of $11. There won't be an annual fee with that because ultimately boats with that large of a motor are not allowed on the lake,â?? said Melanie Smith Assistant City Manager of Kirksville.

The city council will vote on April 15 to approve the registration fee changes pertaining to higher horse power boats being on the lake. If passed, the boats would not be allowed to drive at higher speeds on the lake and Kirksville Police department will have units on the lake to enforce the law.