Highway 63 expansion

The Iowa Department of Transportation announced that a four-lane highway between Ottumwa and Floris, Iowa is on their five year plan.

The plan calls for Highway 63 to be widened from the current two-lanes to four.

At the State Capitol in Des Moines Tuesday, leaders gathered for Transportation Day. The day is focused on talking about and listening to groups interested in Iowa's infrastructure. Groups are also invited to lobby state legislators.

The Highway 63 South Coalition was very pleased with the news. Their Chairwoman, Joy Evans, hopes that the expansion continues.

Evans is confident that the group will succeed at its goal as long as concerned citizens keep up the pressure on the governor's office and legislatures. She also hopes that at some-point the entire route of Highway 63 would be four lanes wide.

"A four lane highway between Bloomfield and Ottumwa would be great. There is no one that says that would not be great. If we could continue and connect the states, the DOT in Missouri to the DOT in Iowa, that would be even, a vision," said Evans.

Evans says the obvious way to fund the expansion is an increase in the gas tax which has not been raised since 1989.