Highway patrol asking motorists to be safe in the snow

With the big winter storm moving through the Heartland, the Missouri State Highway Patrol is taking extra precautions.

The patrol has been preparing for this winter storm for the last few days.

Patrol officers are out in four-wheel drive vehicles patrolling highways to assist motorists and make sure they are getting to their destinations.

The patrol is asking motorists at this time to use and take safety precautions.

"Obviously during any type of snow storm situation, we encourage motorists not to travel if it's not necessary, we encourage them to drive in much slower speeds. The visibility is going to be much less than what they're use to and recognize the stopping distance is going to be much greater," said Sgt. Brent Bernhardt of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Bernhardt says the highway patrol has been working closely with the Missouri Department of Transportation for road conditions.

If you absolutely need to head out on the roads, it is wise to have a safety kit with supplies.

If you need help or get stranded, call 911 or *55 on your cell phones.