Hinkle's not so secret garden

Ernie Hinkle may just have one of the best views from his window, thousands of tulips!

Hinkle has been gardening for as long as he can remember. He cares for his flowers in his garden like they are his own children, putting his heart and soul into it.

â??It's kind of strange; we don't get much traffic from people in this town. They don't come. And yet we get people from as far as Central Missouriâ?¦they come in to see our tulips,â?? said Hinkle.

Hinkleâ??s garden is open to the public and loves visiting with those that come to see the beauty he sees every day.

â??These are of course, like I say, 4-6 weeks early than normal because of the warm winter and everything but they have come up nice. They're thick. I thought maybe the dry weather we had last summer and drought that they would be kind of weakened. But as you can see they're pretty hearty. They come up good and thick. More than I would've guessed,â?? said Hinkle.

All are welcome to visit Hinkleâ??s garden located at 331 West Cedar Street in Birmingham, Iowa. You may just leave with a green thumb after your visit!