History of the Des Moines River brings the community together

It was a packed house Sunday at the Lodge in Lacey Keosauqua Park, as people from all over Iowa gathered to learn more about the history of the Des Moines River.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources, along with other organizations, are trying to bring people together to help improve the Lower Des Moines River Water Trail, which has a rich history.

â??One of the DNRâ??s visions is to get people to care for their natural resources. I mean, to talk about natural resources and not include human histories is kind of like eating an orange without peeling it first. You just canâ??t do it, they are so interrelated. So, I think the more people understand and appreciate rivers, the more willing that they will be to protect and preserve them for future generations and that is all part of this effort,â?? said John Wenck with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

If you are interested in joining the Des Moines River Water Trail group, you can contact them here, or call them at (641) 742-6177.