Hog concentrated animal feeding operations may be coming to Schuyler County

Schuyler County residents had a chance to give their input on the possibility of concentrated animal feeding operations coming to the county.

Two individuals want to put up Class 2 CAFO hog barns in Schuyler County.

County commissioners and the county clerk's office held public meetings recently about the matter. Residents aren't happy, saying such facilities would ruin property value near the hog operations.

Commissioners told us off camera that they can't do anything to stop it as long as the individuals meet the requirements. Those requirements include having a construction permit, a manure management plan that includes slopes that are no more than 10-percent, the waste has to be injected into the ground and the operation has to be at least 2,000 feet from any residence.

Commissioners are still going through the paperwork and should give the individuals an answer on the hog barns next week.