Holiday fun continues in Greater Ottumwa Park

Several bluegrass and country music bands are performing all day in Ottumwa Park.

Many people with the day off work are enjoying the long holiday weekend out in Greater Ottumwa Park.

Another day of festivities kicked off at noon Friday, and goes until ten in the evening. Here several bluegrass and country music bands are performing throughout the day with the headliner of the night being Sleepy Hollow, which is a local bluegrass band. They will take the stage under the Jimmy Jones Shelter from 7-9 p.m. Event organizers say they were been more than pleased with the turnout on the Fourth of July.

â??It was good and steady and the weather was about perfect to set around, kick back in a lawn chair, and grab some ice cold Dr. Pepper products and get something to eat,â?? Brian Morgan said. We had a lot of people from the time we started yesterday till the fireworks started last night, so yeah it was perfect.â??

Ottumwa All-American t-shirts are being sold for $20 a piece. They have an emblem on them that symbolizes when Ottumwa became an All-American city in 1977 and 1978. The proceeds help pay for the costs to put on the event, and the remaining money will go to the Naval Air Station Museum.