Holiday items you should and shouldn't recycle

Ottumwa PIO Tom Rodgers says it's best to throw away wrapping paper, bows and ribbons

You probably are receiving more packages and gifts this time of year with the holiday season among us, but do you know what you can and can't recycle? The answer may surprise you.

Public Information Officer Tom Rodgers says cardboard boxes are definitely an item you should recycle, and the best way to handle that generally, is to break the boxes down, so they can stack or fold into your recycling bin, or you can nest the boxes together going progressively smaller in order to make best of the space you have available. However, there are two popular materials used during Christmas that you shouldn't recycle.

â??We'd like to remind folks that various types of wrapping papers are not necessarily recyclable materials,â?? Rodgers said, â??so your best bet with wrapping paper, ribbons and bows is to go ahead and put them in your regular trash and keep them out of your recycling bin.â??

Although you shouldn't recycle bows and ribbons, Rodgers does encourage people to reuse them if possible.