Holiday Travels

The holiday weekend is almost here, and many motorists will be travelling on the roadways to their holiday destinations.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol will be out in full force during the holiday season to enforce safe driving.

Motorists should drive safely, abide by the posted speed limit, and everyone in the car needs to wear the proper restraining device.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Sergeant Brent Bernhardt said, "The Christmas holiday is a time certainly all of us want to spend with our families, and enjoy that christmas atmosphere. We know during this time period there's a lot of people who take part in celebrations, and we just want to urge motoris ts to be cautious with those celebrations; anytime they might include alcohol choose a sober designated driver."

Last year the state of Missouri had the lowest number of fatality counts recorded since the 1940s. Over half the fatalities in those traffic crashes were people who did not use a seat belt. They are hoping this year the count will be even lower.