Holy cow; Itâ??s triplets!

Lucky Me and her triplets.

â??Weâ??re just really blessed this year I guess you could say,â?? said farmer Aaron Baker.

Just east of Atlanta, Mo., at the Baker Family Farms, a cow named â??Lucky Meâ?? proved to be lucky.

The 11-year-old Simmental cow gave birth to 3 heifer calves on Monday.

â??Well, we looked it up as soon as it happened, because we were quite surprised,â?? Baker said.

Lucky Me not only had triplets, but all are female and were born aliveâ?¦ a one in eight million chance according to Holstein World.

What are the odds of just having triplets? The odds are one in 105,000.

â??My parents have been farming here since 1972,â?? Baker said. â??They have 160 cows and this year they've had seven multiple births all twins except for this one of course.â??

Lucky Me is part of Bakerâ??s 4-H project.

Baker said Lucky Me is going to need a lot of TLC to bounce back, which they plan to give.

It seems like this family can really say Holy Cow!