Home Health Care allows patients to stay where they're most comfortable; at home

Iowa Home Care was started in 2012 and serves 13 counties in Southeast Iowa.

It's a branch of healthcare that continues to grow and be recognized for its affordability, patient satisfaction and clinical benefits. Home healthcare allows someone with COPD or diabetes, or maybe someone recovering from an accident or surgery, to receive care where they're most comfortable -- at home, and not in a hospital or facility.

"Everyone's happy in their own home," said Charles Ganske, Chief of Business Development with Iowa Home Care. "I don't know anyone that would prefer to be in a facility, I think that people thrive in their own home, both physically and emotionally -- and spiritually. So if we can can give them the extra helping hand that allows them to stay in their home, everybody's happier."

Iowa Home Care began in early 2012 and serves 13 counties in Southeast Iowa. It takes a certain kind of skilled nurse, home health aide or therapist to work in this particular field.

"They first and foremost have to love people and care about their well-being," said Tammie Hartley, Community Liaison for Iowa Home Care in Ottumwa. "And everybody at Iowa Home Care has that in them."

Home care isn't hospice or assisted living, and there are still plenty of misconceptions about the industry as the public continues to learn about the benefits of this type of care. But the benefits are easy to see -- for both the patients and the caregivers.

"It's really fantastic to be part of an industry where you can tangibly see good being done everyday," Ganske said. "That the services that you're providing aren't business to business, but really business to consumer and some of our most vulnerable and fragile consumers, people that are our neighbors, our friends, our family are getting help through serves like our own, and that's really gratifying, it feels tremendous knowing that our agency is allowing people to stay happy and healthy in their own homes."

"The idea of partnering with health care providers in the areas of Southeast Iowa is very rewarding," added Hartley. "It gives them the opportunity to help those clients stay at home, where they most want to be. They don't want to be in and out of the hospital for different ailments, so this is a good way to help them help their patients."

To learn more about Iowa Home Care, or to find out what services are available in your area, visit their website.