Home Heating Assistance

Despite record heat this summer, it wonâ??t be long before we crank up our furnaces and the heating bills come in.

There is good news for those needing some assistance this winter season. One option for heating help is the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). You can apply for either the one-time Energy assistance payment or the Energy crisis Intervention Program, which gives you up to $800 based on specific needs.

You do have a certain time to apply. For the energy assistance there is a program time frame from October first to March 31, for the one time payment to the state to your primary heating source. The crisis component does run all year, so as long as someone has a termination notice or can document theyâ??re under 20% in their propane tank, applications will be accepted.

Elderly and disabled people can apply now for the energy assistance program, while everyone else will be eligible come November first.

â??Right now it is for elderly and disabled. Elderly is defined as 65 and older. Disabled is anyone drawing a benefit for being disabled; so social security, SSI, veteranâ??s pensions, those kinds of things we are accepting applications and will start processing. We do sort them based on crisis and need. Anyone who has service completely off or needs propane would be processed first,â?? Northeast Missouri Community Action Agency Emergency Services Coordinator Mindy Garrett said.

In order to apply you will need to come down to the office at 215 North Elson Street in Kirksville with the application filled out. You will also need your prior monthâ??s income, social security card, and heating bill.

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