Hospice of Northeast Missouri gets grant money to help improve services

One health facility is getting grant funding to help improve their services.

Hospice of Northeast Missouri is receiving a $20,000 grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health's Community Health and Prevention Funding Program which helps establish good health in communities such as Kirksville.

The group has been wanting to get the money since 2011 but felt the timing to apply wasn't right until this year.

The group is ecstatic with the great news.

"We are really excited. The money will go towards a professional consultant to pay for services to help us with a strategic plan and the process to help look at our services, look at our agency, and how we are doing. Also look at how we are perceived by the community and how we can better serve the community," said Stephanie Byrum, Executive Director of the Hospice of Northeast Missouri.

The professional consultant the group is hiring is from the non-profit service center in St. Louis.

In the next few months, the Hospice of Northeast Missouri will be reaching out to the community to get feedback to help strengthen the ability to help serve the community.

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