Hospice of Northeast Missouri reaches halfway mark in Quarter Mile Campaign

NRMC gives Hospice of Northeast Missouri $500 check for Quarter Mile Campaign

The Hospice of Northeast Missouri announces it has reached the halfway mark in its goal of raising $15,840 or 63,360 quarters.

The fundraiser is a part of the hospice's "Quarter Mile Campaign." It's an initiative to raise one mile of quarters in order to support the services they offer in eleven counties in northeast Missouri, such medications for patients, equipment, etc.

On Wednesday, they received a $500 check from Northeast Regional Medical Center.

Stephanie Byrum, Executive Director of Hospice of Northeast Missouri said the donations go towards assisting clients who do not have insurance or are underinsured.

"You know, the end of life for anybody whose gone through it with a family member is a very emotional time," said Byrum. People need support. and so, especially, for those who maybe underinsured or not have insurance at all, this allows them to get the same level of care that those of us with Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance would be able to get services and it just lets them know that we're there and we're going to be there to be able to support them."

Eric Barber, CEO of Northeast Regional Medical Center, said the hospital tries to help in any way it can.

"Traditionally, it's something that we've done over the years to help support the local hospice," said Barber. We recognize that the continuance of care obviously extends outside of the hospital and that there are patients who are in need because of lack of financial support or being insured or underinsured. So, we try to do everything we can to support the 'Quarter Mile Campaign' on an annual basis."

Originally, the campaign was supposed to end July 13, but Byrum said they are going to continue the fundraiser until the goal is met. Right now, they need a little more than 30 thousand quarters or $8,000 to reach their goal.

In all, 11 banks in counties that Hospice of Northeast Missouri covers are participating in the fundraiser as well. Each bank will have a donation container for the campaign.

Donations may also be dropped off or mailed to:

Hospice of Northeast Missouri

201 S. Baltimore, Ste. C

Kirksville, MO 63501