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      Hospice Quarter Mile Campaign makes sense

      Monday was the kick off of the Quarter Mile Campaign.

      For four years, the Hospice of Northeast Missouri has been raising money one quarter at a time.Monday was the kick off of the Quarter Mile Campaign. It is a fundraiser which will help the organization raise about $16,000.

      The Coordinator of Volunteer Services, Terrill Roberts, said the money goes directly to patient care.â??We're covered through Medicare and Medicaid,â?? Roberts said. â??Any money that we gather through this fundraiser is given to anyone who doesn't have the means to pay. Rather that be equipment, medication â?| anything that will keep them comfortable and pain free.â??

      The Hospice serves 11 counties in northeast Missouri.Roberts said there are containers at several local banks or you can stop by the Hospice if you would like to participate in the campaign.