Hospital photo contest winners announced

The Scotland County Hospital announces the winners of the 2011 Photo Contest. There were three categories in the contest: Pro - Full or part-time professional photographers who receive all or a major part of their income from photography; Amateur - Beginning or amateur photographers at least 18 years of age, and experienced photographers who do not receive a major part of their income from photography; and, Youth - Young photographers ages 10 - 17.

The contest brought in 103 entries in the three categories. All photographs were captured from the four counties of Schuyler, Scotland, Clark & Knox, but the photographers ranged from California to Maryland.

Hospital employees cast their votes over the course of 2 days and six photographers took home the prize money. The winners are as follows:

Pro: First Place; Second Place; and Third Place - Irene Fox, Memphis

Amateur: First Place - Kent Calvert, Kahoka; Second Place - Rodney Harvey, Luray; and Third Place - Ron Morgan, Lancaster

Youth: First & Third Place - Abigail Quillin, Memphis; Second Place - Morgan Alexander, Memphis

As the Hospital completes new construction and renovates existing areas, the winning photographs, as well as many other photo contest entries, will be enlarged, matted and framed to deck the walls of the facility.