Hospital staff plows ahead during snowstorm

â??It's just unbelievable what the staff does here,â?? Cindy Carter Nursing Chief at Northeast Regional Medical Center said.

Ten inches of snow made a blanket across Kirksville Tuesday, and Wednesday and while many businesses and schools canceled for the day, Carter said ambulances still had to make their way to the hospital.

â??We're in close contact with the ambulance companies to make sure we know whether they can transport people south, or whether the roads have been closed,â?? Carter said. â??And, they just know that were here available to take care of any patient that may come through the door.â??

Although most hospitals remain open, Carter said what makes this hospital different is the people who work for it.

â??Coming from a huge metropolitan area it's nothing Iâ??ve experienced before in a middle of what we would call a disaster,â?? Carter said. â??Normally staff in other places wouldn't come in, but the staff here prepared to come in. (They) bring their clothes, their snacks, whatever they need to have to be here to take care of the hospital and the patients.â??

She said the staff came in and stayed because they wanted to, not because they are required to.

â??I think it's just because we're a family,â?? Carter said. â??I mean everybody knows everybody around here, and we want to take care of everybody, and I think that's why. Thatâ??s why I love it here.â??

She said so many people made sure the hospital continued to run smoothly.

â??The Dietary staff stayed, and central supply came in from out in the country so she could be here to help,â?? Carter said.

â??Operations (were) taking care of the parking lots, physicians were available. They were on call. They stayed here in house in case we had an emergency. Respiratory therapy stayed. The nursing staff of course stayed. And then the admission staff was here to meet the patients when they came in through the doors to get the information that we need from (the patients) to take care of them.â??

Carter said it is important to remember if you can, you should call an ambulance for service because paramedics can begin providing treatment on the way to the hospital.