Hostess closure hits close to home for one school

The unexpected closure of the Hostess Company was a surprise to one northeast Missouri school district.

Macon R-I has been ordering Hostess buns and bread for school lunches from the depots in Moberly and Columbia for the past 10 years.

Early Friday afternoon, the school got a call from its delivery man that the company had closed its doors and was no longer going to be taking orders or making deliveries.

The news caught the food services staff completely off guard.

"I just anticipated every Monday to make and fax my bread order and know I was going to get the bread. Then Friday it was like...what do I do? It was a shock," said Macon R-I School Food Services Supervisor Gayle McVay.

Since it serves about 1,000 school lunches to students every day, the school had to act fast to find an alternate company from which to order bread.

Luckily, C & R Supermarket in Macon came to the rescue and is helping the school get its bread orders from the Sarah Lee Depot in Brookfield.

Hostess announced Friday that it has plans to liquidate its business, costing more than 18,000 people across the country their jobs.

Hostess brands and its second largest union are going into mediation to try and resolve their differences.