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      Hot cars can be dangerous for unattended pets

      Animal Control Officials warn pet owners against leaving pets unattended in parked cars.

      When temperatures are over 70 degrees, pets should never be left alone in the car.

      Allowing an animal to be harmed in this way is considered animal abuse.

      It is an illegal act and punishable by fines and imprisonment.

      Officials say in just 10 minutes, the temperature inside your car can reach 102 degrees or higher.

      â??When people go shopping, leave the animals at home. If you have to take them, there are a lot of out-of-towners that come through, if you have to have your dogs in the car, leave the engine running. Iâ??ve taken a lot of dogs out of cars and as soon as I got them in my truck, they collapsed from being so hot. It can kill them,â?? said Bob Allen, Kirksville Animal Control Officer.

      If your pet is overheated, take emergency action.

      Give it a cold water rub-down immediately to lower its body temperature.

      If you see an animal in distress or locked in a parked car, you're encouraged to call the rescue hotline at (314)-647-4400.