Hot workers trying to stay cool

The temperatures are rising across The Heartland, leading many who work outside to take precautions.

KTVO went across Kirksville Wednesday to see how outdoor workers are dealing with the 90-degree plus temperatures.

They are all being very careful with the heat to prevent any type of heat illnesses while on the job.

"Mostly we just keep bottles of water and coolers out. Keep the water levels high," said construction worker Shane McConnell. "We got fans running and taking breaks. Not much you can do. It's hot."

"Drinking plenty of water. Trying to stay out of the sun as best we can. Take breaks and not trying to work to hard. You don't want to slack because you need to get something done. But if it gets too hot take a break. It's all about safety," said construction worker Kevin Danner.

"I always have an ice cold drink handy and go into an air conditioned house if I feel it's getting to hot out here," said produce seller Terrell Hill. "If it gets up past 100 degrees, you just don't bother being outside. People are not really going to be out and be miserable while getting produce or whatever."

Including with drinking lots of water, many "hot workers" try to stay in the shade as much as possible and take frequent breaks.

Excessive heat warnings and advisories are in effect thru Saturday night.

Temperatures are expected to continue to rise, to up to 100 degrees by tomorrow.