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      Hotel introduces electric car charging station to Heartland

      If you're a slave to the gas pump, you might want to get an electric car and go with the signs of the times.

      An electric car charging station is the latest installation at the Depot Inn and Suites in La Plata, Missouri.

      It looks similar to a nozzle at the gas pump, but there are no fuels running through the pump, it's all electricity.

      Electric car owners can plug the electric pump right into their vehicle and the charging station connects the car safely to an electric grid.

      The manager at the Depot Inn and Suites, Maria Snodgrass tell us the hotel owners have an electric car so they wanted to install a charging station in the Heartland.

      â??So it just means that when they're out on the road and say their electric car has gone to the gas engine or they are either staying here or just want to plug in for a while,â?? said Snodgrass. â??They can pull around here, plug in and that way their car will be electrically charged again, so they'll be back on electricity on the road.â??

      Electric car owner Sherry Hagar, says she hasn't put any gas in her car since the second week in July.

      â??Iâ??ve spent a lot of money in gas,â?? said Hagar. â??I've tracked the gas that I spent for about a year and a half, I take kids to soccer and run all over town and I know that I could really save a lot of gas because I can get 40 electric miles per day, and that's about what I was driving.â??

      Instead of spending $500 per month on gas, she now spends only $24 a month on electricity.

      However, when she leaves town, Hagar makes sure to put gas in her tank since charging stations are quite rare.

      Most electric cars can still run off gasoline, but they primarily operate using electricity.

      The charging station at the Depot Inn and Suites is open to the public, and you don't even have to check in at the hotel officials.