Hotel Ottumwa hosts 400 for Easter brunch

Hotel Ottumwa played host to over 400 guests for Easter brunch Sunday. The hotel was packed with families and we caught up with a few who told us about their long standing Easter traditions.

"Sometimes eat dinner with my family and have a good time hanging out with them," said Jarrod Hatfield.

Another woman, Lori Schulte, says she normally works on Easter, but is lucky to have a family that works around her schedule.

"Well, unfortunately i think i've worked every easter for like 25 years. usually we have a family thing afterwards sometimes later in the evening. fortunately my family works around me on that one, so that works out nice," said Schulte.

Brian Pickrell also celebrates with family. "We usually go up to my in laws house or my parents house. The kids will color eggs and we'll celebrate Easter that way, have an easter dinner," said Pickrell.

There were lots of traditions, but one common theme almost everyone mentioned was spending time with family.