House bill set to help children of EMTs go to college

The number of people who go into careers in the emergency response has grown over the last few years and missouri lawmakers what to make sure their families are protected.

Missouri State Representative Nate Walker is sponsoring House Bill 1377, also know as the Public Safety Officer or Employee Survivor Educational Grant Program.

The bill will give college funds for the children and families of emergency response workers who either get disabled or lose their lives in the line of duty.

Walker says this is a way to say thank you to EMTs for their service.

"When there's an accident on the road or an emergency situation, EMTs are the first responders there. Law enforcement get there. EMTs take care of the injured people that need to be transported to a hospital or need assistance. So EMTs are very important," Walker said.

This bill also adds emergency medical technicians to the definition of public safety officer.

Walker says he is getting lots of support for this bill and hopes this bill will be passed soon.