How are gas prices looking for 2014?

After very low prices during the holidays, gas prices in the Heartland have gone up a bit in the new year, but experts say that's actually normal.

Prices at Kirksville gas stations are at about $2.99, which is lower that the Missouri statewide average of $3.06. The average price in Iowa is at about $3.21.

Both states have low gas prices compared to the $3.30 national gas price average.

An analyst from told us there shouldn't be any big changes coming anytime soon.

"We'll start off this year, relatively low for January and February. Prices at the low $3 range. Then when we switch to cleaner burning summer gas and refineries also do their maintenance into March, April, and May we'll likely see prices move quickly up," said Patrick DeHaan of

DeHaan expects prices to go up to the mid- to upper $3 range through the summer months.

The experts at say they expect that 2014 will have lower prices than we've seen the past two years.