How private is your absentee vote?

For some Missouri residents, they have already cast their vote for the upcoming election.

For the past six weeks ahead of the election in Adair County absentee voting has been available for those who won't be able to vote on Tuesday. KTVO has had some viewers ask about the privacy and security of their votes.

Adair County Clerk Sandy Collop, says when someone brings in their ballot, they record their name, mark them as voted in the system so they don't re-vote, then their vote is kept under lock and key until Election Day.

â??We have a bi-partisan team who will come in and they are the people responsible for opening up the ballots, placing them in the voting machines to tally them,â?? she said.

There is still time to pick up absentee ballots.

Those who still are looking to need to stop at the Adair County Courthouse before 5 p.m. on Monday