How to avoid digital eye strain

We have our smart phones, our tablets and even our desktop computers. So much of our life is lived online, but how much is staring at the screen costing our health, and especially our eye health? Dr. Ronald Brand, from International Eyecare Center in Kirksville, stopped by the set of Good Morning Heartland to give us some tips on how to avoid eyestrain that comes from our digital-centered lives. WATCH VIDEO ABOVE to learn more.

According to the American Optometric Association, about 75% of people who work on their computers have some sort of digital eyestrain. That includes blurred vision, dry eye, red eyes and fatigue. Here are some tips to prevent that.

1. Force yourself to blink. Your goal is to blink every 10-15 seconds. This gives your eye oxygen and nutrients in your natural tears.

2. Boost the light. You should keep your computer monitor bright. A bright monitor causes the pupil to constrict and youâ??ll have a greater range of focus. Also, use the light in your room to avoid too much strain on your eyes.

3. Check your computerâ??s position. The position of your computer can add to your eyestrain. It is important that it is positioned a good distance away, around 20-28 inches from the eye, and that there are no glares on it. Re-position your computer to provide maximum eye comfort.

4. Take a break. Take frequent 15 minute breaks and focus your eyes on a distant object across the room. This will give the focusing muscle a chance to relax.

Following the tips above can help reduce your chances of getting digital eyestrain.

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