How to enjoy Memorial Day the safe way

Memorial Day festivities are well underway in the Heartland.

The unofficial kick-off to summer includes multiple outdoor activities, like boating and grilling.

But we canâ??t forget about the undesirable traffic.

Chances are you wonâ??t be the only one traveling this year.

Which means traffic will be higher than your average Monday.

Missouri recorded six traffic fatalities and 951 crashes on Memorial Day in 2013.

Because of those numbers, state troopers will be taking extra precautions this year.

â??What weâ??ll be doing on those two peak travel days is having extra troopers patrolling in twenty mile increments on US Highways 24, 36 and 63; some of the heavier travel corridors through our particular region,â?? said Sergeant Brent Bernhardt with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Officers will be out patrolling on the waterways, as well, checking that each boat has the necessary equipment(floatation devices, registration, horn/whistle, and proper lighting).

Make sure to buckle up and always find a sober driver.