How to jumpstart your car in the bitter cold

Jumpstart your car safely by making sure cables ends are away from each other

The severe cold is also hard on your vehicle, and many Heartland residents had trouble getting their cars started before work Monday morning.

We spoke with a mechanic at Fesler Auto Mall to find out the proper way to jumpstart your car with a jumper cable.

â??What we recommend doing, red goes to positive of course, black goes to negative,â?? Bob Lathrop said. â??I usually hook the cables up to the vehicle that's running first, battery will be marked with red and black terminals, and follow suit with the jumper cable and put the other cable to the dead vehilcle, the vehicle that needs jump started.â??

He says once the cables are connected, you should start the vehicle that does run, and leave it running for about 10 to 15 minutes, and then you should start the car that needs to be jump-started. Remove the cables from the car you started first keeping the ends away from each other, so they don't spark.