How to keep pipes from freezing during the cold weather

With frigid temperatures and winds ripping through the Heartland, it can be easy for pipes to freeze. Here are some tips to keep your pipes running smoothly.

One simple step is using insulation from a local hardware store.

If you have an area susceptible to freezing, such as mobile homes or crawl spaces, it's safest to drip the pipes in the bathroom or kitchen area so moving water does not freeze when the temperatures dip below zero .

Dan Palen, owner of D.P. Plumbing Plus in Ottumwa, says the best thing to do is check your house before winter so you don't fall into the predicament having frozen pipes.

But if your pipes do freeze--don't attempt anything too drastic.

"If they are freezing do not use an open torch--leave that to the professionals," said Palen. "You can use heat guns, hair dryers--do not leave them unattended on anything.

D.P. Plumbing Plus fixes frozen pipes as well. They can be contacted at (641)-683-4404.