How to stop problems with your car before they start

Experiencing problems with your car this winter? Well donâ??t worry, thatâ??s to be expected with the cold temperatures we've been seeing.

Cold weather creates lots of problems. And with temperatures below zero, many vehicles have a hard time running as well as they do when itâ??s warm. Some issues may need service, while others can afford to be ignored.

Experts say the most common problem they see deals with the check engine light. If your check engine light comes on, mechanics recommend that you read about it in your ownerâ??s manual and get your vehicle serviced, if necessary.

Keeping up with your cars maintenance will help to keep it running as long as possible.

â??One thing that you can do, as far as fluid maintenance throughout the year is not only change your oil, which most people know about changing their oilâ?? said Bill Lovegreen, Owner of Lovegreen Ford Chrysler. â??But you need to look at that anti-freeze and also your transmission fluid because those often are suggested to change those fluids at the sixty thousand mile interval, and when we have extreme temps, thatâ??s when problems occur.â??

It is also important to keep items in your car, such as a jack, jumper cables and a shovel, in case of an emergency.