How to tune-up your car after a long, brutal winter

The winter weather and road conditions can take a toll on your vehicle, but the spring is the perfect time for some routine tune-ups.

As spring approaches, a Fesler Auto Mall service technician says there are three important things to get checked on your tires. First check your tire pressure. As the weather warms up, you can gain tire pressure, which may trigger your tire pressure light to go off. Keep the tire pressure within its recommended specs. This is listed on the car door or in your owner's manual.

Two, check your suspension, and thirdly check your tire alignment. These are all checked at a routine oil change for free.

â??As you know we have a lot of potholes everywhere,â?? Phil Stine said. â??If you hit a pothole you can throw off the front end, the back end that can start wearing on tires and shoot tires up, so you should have that done at least once a year anyway to be on the safe side.â??

Stine says to avoid potholes at all costs. As the weather gets warmer, the next thing you should have check is your A-C. You save fuel if your car's air conditioner is working properly.