Human Identification Technologies loan denied

The action fund loan application sent to the state of Missouri by the city of Kirksville and Blaine Kern of Human Identification Technologies(H.I.T.) has been denied.

A letter sent to the city of Kirksville earlier this month pointed out that the "city" would employ the majority of people who would be hired to work at the D-N-A lab.

That makes H.I.T. ineligible for the loan, because the loan requires the "new jobs" to be created or retained by a private, for-profit company.

City Manager Mari Macomber said this process will take more time, but she plans to eventually meet with the state.

"What we have done is reach out to the state to find out, if we can have a meeting and second, if we answer the questions that you have, would you reconsider the application? So our understanding is, yes they are going to have a meeting, but as far as everything else goes, they strongly suggest a study be completed," Macomber said.

Monday at city council a few important topics were discussed.

Paula Gough, the new District 3 Engineer for MoDOT came to visit with city council at study session.

She outlined her plans for the new Bolder Five-Year Direction.

The new district office will be based in Hannibal.

Also Monday evening, the council approved a bid for the purchase of a new fire rescue truck for the city of Kirksville.

It will cost in the neighborhood of $534,000