Human Rights Commission responds to rash of KKK fliers

As we follow the continuing story of a KKK presence in the heartland, KTVO reported Monday that, while disturbing, there's nothing explicitly illegal about the distribution of the Klan-promoting fliers.

The Wapello County Sheriff's Office said unless whoever is responsible for the fliers deliberately trespasses onto a property, there's nothing the department can charge them with. If finding the fliers is unsettling, however, there is another resource you can turn to.

The Human Rights Commission in Ottumwa exists to handle discriminatory situations and work out disputes between people.

While they also can do nothing to prevent the spread of the propaganda, the commission hopes no one in town will pay attention to the message.

"Even though I'm aware of this and it's part of our history, I still gasp," said Carol Williams, member of the Human Rights Commission. "How in the world can anybody today believe something like that?"

"Majority of the people here in town are good people. But you get enough of those ones and twos on your side and you've got a nice little club going," said commission member Ed Ball. "Because there's people who would join anything, whether they mean trouble or not."

If you find a flier and would like to discuss it with the commission, you can get in touch with them by contacting Ottumwa City Hall at 641-683-0600.