Humane society funding

The Adair County Commission held their regular public meeting Wednesday morning at the court house. One of the big topics of discussion was the funding for the Adair County Humane Society.

The amount of animals coming into the shelter has increased over the years while the funding has been holding steady. Discussed were plans about paying on a â??per animalâ?? and â??annual basis.â?? This would depend on if the animal owners were able to be identified and forced to pay restitution for the offense.

If additionally money is needed, funding from civil fees is being looked at to fill that.

Right now the Humane Society receives $27,000 from the city and $1,500 from the county each year. The society is looking at getting $80 for each animal brought it.

While the city has specific laws on keeping animals in control, the county as a whole does not. They fall under the state statute for loose animals.

Adair County Sheriff Department and Kirksville Police Department will be working with the Humane Society on tracking repeat offenders and making them pay up.

Another issue in the works is dealing with the dangerous animals and a place to keep them.

All of the departments will also be working with repeat offenders on a better solution for their animals.