Hundreds attend Wounded Warrior event

The Bridge View Center was packed Wednesday night for the Wounded Warrior Chopper Giveaway.

Hundreds of people waited in line for the event.

As people were waiting in line, Roger Borror from Wapello County Customs made an epic entrance on a custom-made motorcycle. The motorcycle was auctioned off during the evening.

All proceeds went to benefit the Wounded Warriors Program. The program was developed to help wounded warriors that were coming back from overseas who were wounded in combat.

â??Itâ??s a great cause. You know, you're talking about supplying wounded warriors with all their basic needs, wheelchairs anything they need or require as far as coming back from overseas. So itâ??s a great program. Itâ??s a great thing that he's (Roger Borror) doing. Iâ??m glad to see the community that's getting involved in it to support the troops. Thatâ??s just amazing to me. Being an 11-year veteran myself, I can't even put it into words,â?? said Staff Sergeant Derek Miller.

Throughout the night, bands played, as well as a special guest, Tommy Flanagan from the television show â??Sons of Anarchy.â?? Flanagan was there signing autographs.