Hundreds of high school students contemplate their futures during career fair

Hundreds of area high school students spent the day contemplating which career they want to pursue in life.

That's due to their participation in the day-long Kirksville Area Technical Center's 17th annual Career Day. This year, 37 professionals gave presentations on their field of work. Students were given the opportunity to participate in four, 20-minute sessions. A few of them shared with us what they learned.

"In business manager, I learned that you have to take risks," said Tyler Osborn, a sophomore at Kirksville High School. "You have to be able to stomach that. In graphic design, you don't really get to do what you want but there's a lot of stuff you can do and opportunities to take."

"I just sat in on the various classes and learned different things on what it takes to do a lot of other stuff," said Joshua McDowell, a senior at Kirksville High School.

During the physician session, A.T. Still University osteopathic medical students demonstrated the difference between a D. O. and an M.D.

Some of the fields of work presented include agriculture, automotive and aviation mechanics, biodiesel, accounting, child care, computer networking, conservation, construction, cosmetology, crime scene investigations, culinary, engineering, graphic design, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, law enforcement, medical technicians, teaching, broadcasting, landscaping, web design, and wind energy.

Organizers said they hope the career fair will help students plan ahead for the future.

"Well our main goal is just to help students learn more about careers and what's required of them to enter into that career whether it's skills, continuing education, what colleges they need to attend, what kind of grades they need to have while they're in H.S...just to help them be better prepared and make wiser choices," said Sheryl Ferguson, the Director of the Kirksville Area Technical Center.

The center has been hosting the career fair since 1995.