Hundreds stand up for Premium Standard Farms

It was another packed house as the panel of experts met with the public and officials from Premium Standard Farms Tuesday night in Trenton, Missouri.

Hundreds showed their support for PSF in hopes that Attorney General Chris Koster will grant an extension before the August deadline. PSF has until then to meet odor management requirements set forth by the state in a 1999 lawsuit. PSF officials presented a timeline of how they've tried to cut back on barn odor over the last 11 years.

More than 20 community members, business owners, and elected officials were there to speak on behalf of PSF.

No one is asking for anything to be dismissed, there's still work to be done. They know that and you gentlemen know that, you're all working together which we appreciate that. Look around this room, you have families that stake their futures on this company and these jobs, said Chris May, Sullivan County Presiding Commissioner. PSF did present the panel with a plan for barn odor control on March 12. Now it's up to the experts to approve these methods as ~Next Generation Technology. TM

The big question on everyone's minds: will jobs be lost if PSF can't meet the August deadline?

What we are looking for is compliance and my understanding is PSF has an interest in finishing the next generation process. That's one thing I thought I heard and to me, that's a good indication, so we are not seeking to shut down the company or any of its facilities, said Joe Engeln, Ph.D., Missouri Department of Natural Resources.