Hunters eat a hearty lunch to help feed hungry children

Hunters enjoyed chili and homemade pie at a Hunter's lunch sponsored by the Food Bank for Northeast and Central Missouri Saturday afternoon.

Saturdayâ??s strong winds didnâ??t make for the ideal open to fall firearms deer season, but after a full morning of hunting a few hunters were able to take an afternoon break and eat for a cause that feeds hungry children.

This year was the first ever hunter's lunch hosted by the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri.

For a suggested donation of $10, hunters could get their fill of chili and homemade pie while they rested and recharged.

The proceeds from this lunch benefit the Buddy Pack program, which serves over 1,000 hungry children around northeast Missouri every month.

â??We hope that helps a child get through the weekend. It's not enough for the weekend, but it helps when there's nothing at home for them to eat. And it has to be food that children are able to open and eat themselves," said Susan Dublin, Regional Coordinator for the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri.

It costs around one $180 to provide buddy packs for a child every school year, so every dollar raised goes a long way towards feeding a hungry child.