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      Hunters learning how to shoot from a better distance

      Hunters are using this holiday weekend to improve their shooting skills.

      The Missouri Department of Conservation held a wingshooting clinic Saturday morning in Kirksville.

      Hunters got to learn how to hone their skills with a few new effective techniques including which guns to use and how to shoot them.

      They also learned how distance plays an important roll when hunting for animals.

      "It is key. It's one of the biggest issues that's out there in the hunting world is the hunter's ability to judge distance. So another part of this program we do is an exercises in which we teach different ways to judge distance on the fly," said MDC Outdoors Skills Specialist Rob Garver.

      The hunters then met at the shooting range in Big Creek to test their skills themselves.

      The clinic has been taught by the conservation department for the past six years. Garver teaches the clinic twice a year. The next wingshooting clinic will be taking place the the fall.