Hy-Vee helping you save on gas

On Friday, February 22nd Hy-Vee is rocking the town red.

On Friday February 22nd Hy-Vee is rocking the town red.

If you have the Hy-Vee fuel savers card, this deal is for you.

If you head to Hy-Vee Friday, and donate a minimum of $1 to NEMO Heart Health, you will earn 10 cents off a gallon on your fuel saver card.

Lora Shipley, a pharmacy technician at Hy-Vee tells us all the money will go toward the purchase of AED's for the community.

"We are teaming up with the NEMO Heart Health Association here in Kirksville, it's their big paint the city red campaign on February 22nd, and we wanted to help out the organization and help our customers at the same time," Shipley said.

If you don't have a fuel saver card, Shipley says Friday would be a great day to sign up for one.

"You buy certain items and you get a score throughout the month and during the mount your money goes on the fuel savings card," Shipley said.

She tells us some Hy-Vee employees have already been donating.

Just with the employees alone, they have raised $325 already.