Hy-Vee offers healthy snacking tips

With school coming to an end soon, one Heartland grocery store is coming up with new healthy snack ideas for kids to enjoy at home.

Healthy eating can help sharpen children's minds, as well as even out their moods. But, youngsters don't have to rely on just fruits and vegetables to get nutrients. Food companies are now coming up with foods to make snack-time fun. Hy-Vee is selling some of those snacks which include animal crackers and chips, as well as other finger foods such as string cheese.

"It's always important to eat healthy so that they can grow properly, get the right nutrients. And it's good to eat a variety so that they aren't getting the same nutrients everyday but all of the nutrients that they need," said Andrea Shelly, Hy-Vee Dietitian.

When grocery shopping it is important to get the kids involved. Let them pick out snacks that they would like to try, and give them pointers on how to read food labels.