Hydroponic Tomato Greenhouse, a year-round success

This hydroponic greenhouse in Fairfield uses only water and nutrients to feed the tomatoes through feeding tubes

Itâ??s called a hydroponic greenhouse. Inside this green house, a wide variety of tomatoes are being grown.

This is part of Tenco in Fairfieldâ??s mission to provide jobs for those with disabilities. At the same time, the profits from the tomatoes generate income for Tenco.

These tomatoes are not your typical tomatoes.

â??There's no soil. The boxes you'll see on the floor contain perlite and the feeding tubes on top feed the nutrients to the plants and like I said, the nutrients are, they're all natural nutrients. Some of them come from Salt Lake City and all over. There's potassium, phosphorous, all that good stuff that they need,â?? said Bob Merritt, Environmental Director at Tenco Industries.

Merritt said these tomatoes are the best youâ??ll ever try.

They are available for sale at the Tenco sites in both Fairfield and Ottumwa.