HyVee hosts holiday party at Indian Hills

OHS music department serenades party guests in the IHCC Rural Health building lobby.

Friday night, the Indian Hills Rural Health Building hosted a holiday show put on by the Ottumwa North and South HyVee stores.

Here you can see performances from the OHS music department, as they serenaded guests in the lobby. The holiday show is a place for people to sample what HvVee has to offer during the holiday season.

â??This is our annual holiday show,â?? Max Dains, co-organizer said. â??Obviously itâ??s to show off some of the things we do throughout the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. We've got all departments here, from the floral to the meat and produce departments. We've got the indian hills crew doing some chef demonstrations around the area.â??

Admission to the event was $5, but all the proceeds will go to a local charity and that organization is yet to be decided. Last year the funds went to the local food banks.