Ice storm won't stop snow removal

Residents in southeast Iowa woke up to sheets of ice Monday covering roads, sidewalks and windshields.

Roads could be slick again come Tuesday morning. The Ottumwa School District cancelled classes and Indian Hills postponed its Martin Luther King Day celebration until Thursday.

Tom Rodgers, Ottumwa public information officer, says road crews in the city handle ice a lot differently than snow.

With just straight ice there TMs not much too actually take off plow wise, Rodgers said. [City crews] go with the salt and the sand to provide melting and traction along those main routes.

City crews in Ottumwa will start to remove excess snow downtown late Monday evening despite sleet and more freezing drizzle expected. Rodgers thinks the weather won TMt have much of an impact.

I think it will be pretty much business as usual. I mean they TMre using heavy machinery in the removal of this stuff. The crispiness or the extra weight of the ice is not really gonna effect that operation in any way.

The excess snow is from last week TMs storm that dumped about five inches in the city. Rodgers also added that this will help parking in the city.