IHCC Culinary Arts Department receives ACF Accredidation

Exciting news for the IHCC Culinary Arts Department; they have been accredited for the next seven years by the American Culinary Federation (ACF).

What this means for the department is that they have the power to extend this certification to their students.

The department has to go through a process and this is its third time. The process is good for six years.

This time around the department got something special, the Exemplary Award which means that IHCCâ??s Culinary Arts Department has complied with all of their standards and have gone beyond their expectations.

â??For me it means look at all the work that we've done. We've been significantly rewarded for it. That to me is the most important piece of it. That goes out to the populations, that goes out to the potential students, says to the parents, we know what we're doing, we have a plan, we have a path, we're going to help your son and daughter find a career path,â?? said Chef Gordon Rader, IHCC Culinary Arts Director.

Chef Rader said he is very proud of all the hard work the staff and students have done.