IHCC has largest graduation in college's history

IHCC students walked across the stage to receive their diplomas at graduation on Thursday evening

Thursday evening was a monumental evening for both IHCC students and the college itself.

The graduation saw the largest graduating class had at the college yet.

This is primarily due to when the recession was in full force two years ago; that is when the college met their peak in enrollment with around 5,500 students.

We caught up with President Jim Lindenmayer earlier this week who told KTVO that itâ??s not only the studentsâ?? accomplishments that impress him but also the families.

"The other thing that also impresses me is the diversity of the students that go across that stage. Thereâ??s a lot of different ethnicities represented, a lot of different age groups, a lot of different people in different vocations with different aspirations that are going across that stage. Some are transferring on to other universities, some have jobs in hand. Itâ??s a great event. Itâ??s a culminating event for one part of their life but a beginning for a new part of their life,â?? said Lindenmayer.

New this year at the ceremony, a large group of nurses for the first time performed their pinning ceremony making the event even grander said Lindenmayer.