IHCC students travel to Spain

Students at Indian Hills Community College have left their comfort behind to fly over seas for an opportunity of a lifetime.

Students in Chef Gordon Raderâ??s Culinary Arts Program have traveled to Spain to learn new skills in the kitchen from Michelin Star Chefs.

â??Working with a Michelin Star Chef and higher caliber than what we get here in Iowa opens up your opportunities to learn new techniques, new food types, new flavor profiles,â?? said Jesse Juran, Culinary Arts student. â??You get immersed in culture that appreciates food more than we do here in America. They treat their product better, they use everything so just to become more aware of what our industry should be doing is going to be interesting.â??

One new technique that the students are looking forward to using is the pressure cooker.

This appliance is used heavily in Spain to cook food at a higher temperature while saving energy.

â??Itâ??s just going to be a learning experience that Iâ??ll be able to take with me forever and be able to just learn off of and just grow,â?? said Trent Miller, Culinary Arts student.

While the hope of growing in their desired profession is on their mind, students are looking forward to bringing back an extended view on life.

â??Chef Gordon always preaches about how here in America weâ??re always on our cell phones and not really having a conversation,â?? said Juran. â??Whereas over there, theyâ??re right in your face, theyâ??re interested in what youâ??re saying, theyâ??re more well-rounded in literature and whatâ??s going on politically and so trying to bring a little of that back would be interesting.â??

As far as the language goes, the students are up for the challenge. Two hours out of the day, they will partake in a Spanish class to help become more familiar with common kitchen terms and phrases.

â??I have a little bit more background that some of the other people with Spanish Spanish instead of Latin American Spanish so I think Iâ??ll be able to overcome the language barriers a little easier than some of the other students,â?? said Taylor Grimm, Culinary Arts student.

The students left last Friday and will be gone for two weeks.